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Camel milk – the white gold of the desert

The tasty camel milk is in extremely high demand because of its numerous positive qualities. Here you can get this valuable delicacy “fresh from the camel”, it is absolutely untreated and therefore comes with all its ingredients fully intact. Of course, regular official lab tests are carried out to ensure the quality.


Camel milk does not contain any beta-Lactoglobulin nor beta-casein and is therefore perfectly suitable for people with lactose intolerance resp. milk protein allergy. Moreover, its high content of vitamin C (4-6 times more than cow milk), calcium and iron strengthen the immune system. Scientific studies have proven that camel milk can also be beneficial in the relief and cure of a variety of conditions. For example, Diabetes 1 patients were able to drastically reduce their insulin dosage, skin allergies were cured, Tuberculosis was relieved, etc.


We have received the official authorization in 2013 to sell camel milk which comes from our mother mares. We milk on 2 of the 4 teats and leave the other 2 to the foal.

Because we are not always able to meet the high demand with our own milk, we sometimes have to purchase additional milk from other European countries.

The milk is sold frozen, in containers of ½ litre so it can be kept for 1 year.

The milk should be thawed in the fridge and consumed within 3-4 days.

The price for camel milk is CHF 16.- per litre, we sell it in ½ litre bottles

You are welcome to purchase the milk directly from our farm during opening hours (Wednesday – Sunday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

It is possible to mail it within Switzerland at extra costs for packaging and express postal charges (the milk is delivered frozen).

These are the options for postal delivery:

3 litres camel milk, total cost CHF 75.- (milk: CHF 48.-, express postal charge: CHF 22.-, packaging: CHF 5.-)

6 litres camel milk, total cost CHF 128.- (milk: CHF 96.-, express postal charge: CHF 22.-, packaging: CHF 10.-)

8 litres camel milk, total cost CHF 165.- (milk CHF 128.-, express postal charge: CHF 22.-, packaging: CHF 15.-)

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